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Peer-reviewed articles

Butti, E. and McGonigle, B. (forthcoming 2019). Marginalisation and Identity in Transitional Societies: Colombian Outcast Youths and the Broken Promises of Transformative Reparation. International Criminal Law Review, Special Issue The Ethnography of Armed Conflict, edited by Noha Aboueldahab.

This article examines the case of reparations for underaged victims in Colombia from both an anthropological and a legal perspective. We argue that, while the law incorporates the highest standards in terms of victims’ and children’s rights, it oversimplifies these young victims’ identities and fails to appreciate the specific harm they suffered. Using intersectionality theory, we suggest an alternative way forward.

Butti, E. (2016). The Invisible Violence behind the Legal Façade: Challenges of and Strategies for Conducting Research in High-Risk Settings in Transitional Colombia. Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Issue 1.

Based on ethnographic fieldwork in Colombia, this piece describes the profound divide between the perfectly-crafted legal framework and the daily realities of people living at the margins, as the country undertakes a process of transition to peace. It also reflects on strategies for conducting fieldwork in high-risk settings, which may be useful to other researchers undertaking similar fieldwork.

Zwart, T., Al Haider, N., Butti, E. and others (2014). Safeguarding the Universal Acceptance of Human Rights through the Receptor Approach. Human Rights Quarterly 36(4), 898-904.

This article is the result of the collaborative efforts of the 'receptor approach to human rights' team, led by Prof. Tom Zwart. The receptor approach relies on ethnographic research to identify social institutions and cultural values that match international human rights obligations. Where these institutions and values fall short, home-grown remedies are used to amplify them.

Book chapters

Butti, E. (2016). Children’s Rites: Examining the Role of Local Justice in the Ugandan Transitional Justice Process through a Child Rights Approach. The Undergraduate Journal: A collection of winning entries from 2014.

Relying on semi-structured interviews with Ugandan NGO workers, primary legal sources and secondary literature, this study performs a detailed analysis of the potential of local justice mechanisms to implement children's rights in Northern Uganda. It was awarded the 2014 Overall Law Prize at the Undergraduate Awards Competition.

Butti, E. (2015). Children’s Rights: Introduction. In Hilly, L. and Martin, R. (eds.), Global Perspectives on Human Rights.

This chapter introduces the children's rights section of a collection of selected entries on the topic in the Oxford Human Rights Hub blog. 

Research reports

Butti, E. (2018). Involving Non-Organised ‘Outcast’ Youths in Peacebuilding: Existing Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Colombian Case. A contribution to the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security mandated by Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015).

This paper is an invited contribution to the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security. Based on 16 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Colombia, it makes the case for better involvement of non-activist outcast youths in peacebuilding, and provides examples of successful strategies to do so.