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UNICEF Office of Research

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As part of my work with the Oxford Children's Rights Network, I am currently leading a joint project with the UNICEF Office of Research, aimed at providing advice to researchers and practitioners on how to manage rapport when conducting qualitative research with hard-to-reach adolescents. The output of the project will be the publication of a brief series titled 'Enhancing the Participation of Hard-to-Reach Adolescents in Qualitative Research'. Drawing on five in-depth ethnographic research projects with different groups of adolescents in different countries, the briefs offer practical recommendations on five different stages of the research process: i) Gaining access; ii) Building trust; iii) Managing participants' wellbeing; iv) Managing researchers' wellbeing; and v) Concluding the research. The project is co-led with Caitlin Procter; collaborating authors include Stacy Topouzova, Shannon Philip, and Franziska Fay.

Past projects

Participatory ethnographic documentary 


As part of my doctoral fieldwork in Colombia, I have realised the participatory documentary 'Somos' (We Are), which was co-produced together with 24 conflict-affected adolescents living in the town of San Carlos, Colombia. The realisation of the documentary was participatory from the very beginning of the process, and it involved weekly meetings with a self-selected voluntary group of young people over the course of eight months. The participating adolescents decided which topics they wanted to address and which output they wanted to produce. Thanks to the generous support of the local cooperative Coogranada, participants received filming equipment and training on how to use it. They subsequently decided on the interview questions and interviewed each other. The editing process was realised by myself and a professional editor in constant consultation with the participating adolescents. To learn more about the public engagement process realised with the documentary, see Ethnographic storytelling. If you wish to view a full version, please get in touch.

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"They say that there is peace, but there is a lot of discrimination, and peace is more than simply not killing each other."

Maria Fernanda, 15 years old


"There may well be peace over there in La Havana, but the country is full of violence. In the city, you are always afraid that someone is going to attack you. That is no peace!"

Alanys, 12 years old

Screening at Museo Casa de la Memoria, Medellín, December 2016