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ReSTORYing Peace: Visual Methods, Youths and Peacebuilding

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How are the lives of children and young people who grow up amidst conflict? How do they see the world, and how do they think peace can be achieved? Can visual arts help us understand them better?

This panel discusses three examples of how visual techniques such as documentary videos, pictures and theatre can be effectively used to tell the stories of and connect with young people who live through violence and seek to build peace on the ground. The event features excerpts of: 

· ‘Somos’ (trailer here), an ethnographic documentary film made collaboratively by 24 Colombain adolescents who lived through the conflict and present their visions of Peace, realised by Elena Butti (, anthropologist and doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford.

· ‘Erase and Rewind’, an auto-ethnographic photography exhibition by a Somali unaccompanied minor refugee (now 18) of the lives of young refugees in Turkey, realised by Eda Elif Tibet (, anthropologist and doctoral candidate at the University of Bern

· ‘Enacting Global Transformation’ (preview here), a video on the transformative methodology developed at the University of Oxford to shape collaborative responses to war and displacement, realised by Eda Elif Tibet and Rama Mani (, performer and Founder of the Theatre of Transformation Academy

After the performances, the realisers will discuss a number of questions: Can arts be a useful tool to engage conflict-affected young people in and beyond academic research? Can they be helpful in generating ‘empathy’ towards these youths? What is their potential for achieving ‘transformation’?

(Poster credits: Eda Elif Tibet) 

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