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Colombia publications

Butti, E. (2016). The Invisible Violence behind the Legal Façade: Challenges of and Strategies for Conducting Research in High-Risk Settings in Transitional Colombia. Journal of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Issue 1.

Butti, E. (2018). Involving Non-Organised ‘Outcast’ Youths in Peacebuilding: Existing Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Colombian Case. A contribution to the Progress Study on Youth, Peace and Security mandated by Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015).

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Ethnographic documentary 

Curious about what Colombian adolescents think about peace?

Watch the trailer of the participatory documentary I realised during my fieldwork, and contact me if you wish to access the full version.

I am currently conducting a Knowledge Exchange project on youth violence prevention in Medellín (details to follow).

Between 2015 and 2018, as part of my doctoral research, I have lived and conducted extensive fieldwork in Colombia, in both urban and rural settings, including: 

  • Medellín and San Carlos, Antioquia

  • Cali, Valle del Cauca

  • Caloto, Cauca

  • Quibdó, Villa España and El Futuro, Chocó

  • El Salado, Carmen de Bolivar

  • Ovejas, Sucre

  • Bogotá, Distrito Capital

Most of the fieldwork was conducted in Antioquia, where I multi-sited ethnographic research in peripheral neighbourhoods at the margins of a big city (Medellín) and of a small town (San Carlos). The project was aimed at understanding the life trajectories of marginal adolescents who get involved in criminal networks at the urban and peri-urban margins.

Conducting intensive and immersive research in such complex locations, affected by high rates of violence and poverty, and with a vulnerable and hard-to-reach population, gave me extensive experience in conducting difficult fieldwork in high-risk settings, which I have written and talked about in a number of occasions.

Interviewed on how to conduct reserach in high-risk settings. January 2017.