Ethnographic storytelling

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Ethnographic storytelling

Ongoing projects

I am currently working on the production of a graphic novel inspired by the stories of three adolescents I have met during my doctoral fieldwork in Colombia. The project is conducted together with Diana Prado Cárdenas. We are currently seeking collaborators (especially a designer) for this project. If interested, please get in touch

Graphic novel

Past projects

Participatory documentary on youth and peace in Colombia 

As part of my doctoral fieldwork in Colombia, I have realised the participatory documentary 'Somos' (We Are), which was co-produced together with 24 conflict-affected adolescents living in the town of San Carlos, Colombia. The objective of the project was to give an illustration of part of the research which would go beyond academic publishing and be directly accessible to a broader public. It also sought to empower the participants to directly express their views and concerns, rather than having to go through an academic mediator. The documentary was shown at a number of universities, institutions and cultural centres, including the International Center for Transitional Justice and of UNICEF, the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, the Museo Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación, and the Rodeemos El Diálogo network in Bogotá, and the Museo Casa de la Memoria, the Victims' Unit, and the Antioquia University in Medellín. It also featured in the ethnographic documentary selection of 'Displacements', the 2018 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology. See Youth participation and engagement to learn more about the participatory methodology employed. If you would like to view a full version, please get in touch.


Investigative documentary on anti-mafia journalism

This documentary, realised together with Hans van Dijk and Rob Niemantsverdriet, builds on my previous experience working as a volunteer in various anti-mafia projects in Italy.  Based on ground-breaking interviews with local inhabitants and unique archival footage, this documentary tells the story of anti-mafia journalist Pino Maniaci, portraying the daily struggles, the threats and the small victories that make up his daily life.  If you would like to view a full version, please get in touch.