Between 2012 and 2013 I have conducted two volunteer projects in Sicily. The first involved agricultural work in the anti-mafia cooperative Lavoro E Non Solo, near the renowned mafia-stronghold Corleone.  The project involved working land that once belonged to mafia families, in order to show that young people from all around Italy supported the fight against the mafia. 

The second project involved an internship at the anti-mafia TV station Telejato, in the small town of Partinico. I conducted interviews, wrote reports, worked in the newsroom and announced the news together with journalist Pino Maniaci. Based on this experience, I later realised an investigative documentary on the work of Pino Maniaci, together with professional journalists Hans van Dijk and Rob Niemantsverdriet.

As Italy is my home country, I return to it regularly and follow its issues and politics. I am currently involved in a new project which seeks to bring together young Italians to reflect on how Italy's long-term goals should look like. I am also developing a new research proposal which seeks to compare dynamics of adolescent violence in Medellín (Colombia) and Naples (Italy). 


Investigative documentary

Want to know how the life of an anti-mafia journalist looks like? Have a look at the trailer below and contact me if you would like to watch the full documentary.